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August 2015

Home is where the coop is

Earlier in the year, the US had its worst bird flu outbreak in history. This led to the speculation that the cost of America’s number one digested meat was going to skyrocket.

With the cost going up, and the risk of infection so high at commercial chicken farms… Why not just raise chickens yourself? Well that is exactly what my In-law family decided to do.

With the decision made to raise chickens, the need for a home for those chickens became the first project to tackle. After determining the number of chickens that would be needed. we started the construction of this marvelous coop you see below.


It wasn’t easy getting to this point however. What originally started as a one weekend project turned into multiple weeks filled with blood, sweat and foul language and the occasional visit from a curious cow.

Most of the wood that was used was reclaimed from around the farm already. Which was a blessing and a curse at the same time. The cool thing about using reclaimed wood for this project was that it is free. Thus keeping the initial cost of raising chickens low. However the thing about using reclaimed wood for a project like this is that nothing is exactly perfect. Some boards were too long, other boards were too short and inevitably the board you need is covered with nails. Your favorite swear word gets used a few times while you pound out nails in the board that you need at the moment.


Despite using reclaimed wood being a minor nuisance (but ulitmately worth it in the long run), the hardest task for building the chicken coop was digging a trench and running the water and electrical line.


An entire day was spent in that hole you see above trying to get everything hooked up to an existing water line. Most of the frustration was dealing with trying to disconnect an existing hydrant from the line so we could install a T to run the line to the chicken coop.

The cows of the farm were curious of our project. It’s quite an ominous feeling to stand up in a trench, only to see black cattle 6 feet in front of you just staring.


In the end however, we were able to tackle all the issues and get a pretty decent chicken coop built. The chickens have been moved in and are growing so fast!





The entire album will be uploaded to imgur and I will post a link once it is finished.


21st Century Ambrosia

I was recently introduced to the most heavenly, delicious condiment of the 21st century…

Cookie Butter!

What is cookie butter you ask? Its a spice cookie that’s been ground up and turned into a spreadable condiment that would taste amazing on anything! ¬†It has the consistency similar to hazelnut spread or peanut butter.

The only word that seems good enough to describe cookie butter is “ambrosia.”

From Reading This article over at Bon Appetit, I learned that cookie butter and those Biscoff cookies you can get on Delta airlines flights are one in the same! It also brings back memories of living in Germany and going to Christmas markets and sipping hot gluhwein and eating spiced cookies dipped into the delicious, hot beverage.

Trader Joe’s has a selection of cookie butter, Aldi also has cookie butter currently (who knows for how long though since its a special price at Aldi.) I am telling you this so you can go out and get a jar yourself so I don’t have to share!


New beginnings have to begin somewhere

Welcome to my new site. This page will be a reflection of myself, my mind and my life.

The creation of this page involved a sleepless night, heartache and whiskey! I don’t condone alcoholism, but a few drinks really get my creative mind working. Follow through is a little lackluster however as I’m now writing my first post a few days later after seeing some emails and being reminded of what I had done. I think it will be a good thing. This will be a good outlet for me and a focusing lens for my thoughts. I’ve tried blogging before. I never usually made more than a few posts before abandoning it. This time might be different we shall see

New beginnings have to begin somewhere. What better place than here? What better time than now?

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