I was recently introduced to the most heavenly, delicious condiment of the 21st century…

Cookie Butter!

What is cookie butter you ask? Its a spice cookie that’s been ground up and turned into a spreadable condiment that would taste amazing on anything!  It has the consistency similar to hazelnut spread or peanut butter.

The only word that seems good enough to describe cookie butter is “ambrosia.”

From Reading This article over at Bon Appetit, I learned that cookie butter and those Biscoff cookies you can get on Delta airlines flights are one in the same! It also brings back memories of living in Germany and going to Christmas markets and sipping hot gluhwein and eating spiced cookies dipped into the delicious, hot beverage.

Trader Joe’s has a selection of cookie butter, Aldi also has cookie butter currently (who knows for how long though since its a special price at Aldi.) I am telling you this so you can go out and get a jar yourself so I don’t have to share!