I woke up extremely early as I usually do (not by choice by the way, it just happens. I blame being in the army for 8 years.) I took advantage of a storm moving through to open the window and just listen to the rain. Whispers of rain filled my ears.The smell of rain poured into the room, filling it full of a fresh aroma that tingles the nostrils (or maybe  that was just my allergies) the booming roar of thunder lingered off in the distance with occasional dances of light gleaming across the sky. It was very relaxing and humbling at the same.

There is a duality in rain that makes it poetic and aww inspiring. It is such a transformative force. Rain is gentle and brings life to plants and nature, yet it can bring floods that can destroy entire communities and crop fields. The sound of rain is soothing and relaxing, yet we feel the urge to run from rain and protect ourselves with umbrellas and raincoats.

Rain brings perspective. Not only from within ourselves as we ponder  self-reflection while staring at puddles filling with rain, but in a manner of comparisons. How can we learn to appreciate value of a sunny, warm day if we’ve never experienced a dreary, cold and wet day?