Having a dentist appointment later in the day, it allowed me to drive into work today instead of carpool. The significance of this is that I love to listen to music while I drive. And by listen to music, I mean blast it loud, sing along and channel my inner rock star! I am the performer and the driver staring at me in their rear-view mirror is my audience.

Today’s drive into work was no different than my usual drive into work except that I was really feeling one particular song today.

18 miles of traffic really allows me to get my jam on and when I listened to this song, it really spoke to some emotions that I have been feeling as of late so I just went for it! I kept restarting the song over and over for the whole drive into work.

Music resonates with our emotions. It can sooth the savage beast. Music can incite a generation of anarchy and rebellion (note to self: add sex pistols to my playlist.) And most important to me, music allows me to express my emotions that I generally do not express. I’m not an outwardly emotional person but in many ways that makes music even more important for me. I depend on music for that emotional outlet and I don’t want to imagine a world without it.